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mxl v69 mod

over time, …  The photos make all the blue caps looks somewhat the same but the Panasonic are a strikingly pretty blue, almost like a lacquer with light blue letters, and also a red lettering that is so small I cant seem to read it.  I have also seen a lot more praise for the J305. Chorus from Any More.Â, Acoustic - Stock - http://www.mark-o-matic.com/media/Acoustic-all-stock.wav, Acoustic - mods http://www.mark-o-matic.com/media/Acoustic-all-mods.wav, At this point Im starting to be pretty darn happy with how the modded mic is sounding.Â, Conclusions ?  If the FET needs rebiasing though that means dealing with the surface mount resistors - probably not for the average modder. My immediate conclusion was that C7 is a critical cap in this design, and having a film cap in that location changes the characteristics of the mic in a very positive manner. Not the best pres, but they will suffice for this test and should be somewhat transparent compared to my other choices, even if of lower quality.Â.  Pin 9 can also be identified by the black wire going to ground as it is the heater ground.Â, I no longer own any pres that are not tube based, nor do I own any rack pres that haven't been modded or tweaked by me somehow. The mic now sounds much more like what I'd expect a K47 mic to sound like. The mic is VERY sensitive so any cold solder joints, even though they may tone out, will not work. Measured SPL for these first clips at the source point was 98.8db. I must have done something wrong. REVELATION 1 - Since the tube stage, as a charge amplifier,  is always near unity, the actual gain of the tube has relatively little effect on the circuit !  Reminder again that doing this will marry your mic to the power supply, you wont be able to swap around unless the other mic/supply has the same mod.Â, Results ? When the mic is finished, I should be able to simply screw open the mic base and select Cardioid or Omni pattern.  http://www.mark-o-matic.com/media/fv-2-orig.wav, Female Vocals Clip 2 - K47 Capsule. http://www.mark-o-matic.com/media/fv-2-k47.wav, I did not believe these results at first. View Profile View Forum Posts View Articles Rider of the ARPocalypse Join Date Sep 2008 Location NW USA Posts 1,603 Thanks 19 Thanked 7 Times in 7 Posts Rep Power 1900859. The mic is, Not only are mics very sensitive to cold solder joints, but the headbasket acts as a faraday cage (see -Â. ) I opted to remove the spring from the white piece and extend it a little bit.  After replacing the coupling cap and hearing the improvement I was convinced the output electrolytic needed to go. Two 50n caps on the output connector that need to go.Â, If I have problems with radio frequencies, I might try a 10n or maybe even go to a 500p or smaller to start with, but for now I'm just going to clip these.Â, OK, now we are getting somewhere. These are my favorite clips with this mic.Â, http://www.mark-o-matic.com/media/LouCabs-orig.wav, http://www.mark-o-matic.com/media/DrumRoom-C12.wav, ? AND on some mics (this is one) the base also works as a faraday cage. Given that connection is the most sensitive in the entire circuit, I'm not sure that was a smart move, but I'm sure they had their reasons.Â, Remove the headbasket to gain access to the capsule.Â, On the BACK side of the capsule area on the base of the saddle mount we are going to cut the base off to accommodate a switch.Â, Red line indicates approximate area of cut.Â, Use a Dremel or similar tool to remove the base area in order to fit the switch in place.  If that fails to improve sound quality to my liking,  I may just rip out the transistor stage altogether and simply build a tube mic from the ground up. The value MXL used as a coupling cap for C7 at 2.2u led me astray, as I feel that is a ridiculously large value in that location, and a much smaller value will do nicely without sacrificing low end, and probably fit physically. The J309 happens to be within specs for the biasing currently on the unit with no modification.Â, So for this first part of this update we will swap out the K170 FET for a J309 FET.  Even though I know the K47 capsule will be more tame in the highs, this comparison really brings out the level of quality between each mic. Thread Tools. So much so that I suspect simply changing that cap and nothing else will probably have a beneficial result.  Note, Im not a guitar player by trade, though I do use one to write, so I'm playing badly and these strings are probably a year old, but should be revealing in any case. It is however not a clone of any other microphone and is a new cool approach to microphone circuit design. )Â, Tech Note - End of a session and drummer had been playing on and off for several hours - so he was a bit pooped. Moreover, it has a transistor-based impedance conversion circuit rather than a transformer on the output. The Omni switch works nicely (once I had troubleshot the cold solder joints on the switch I mentioned earlier. Es hat für meinen geschmack aber ein bisschen zu viel glanz obenrum ab 10kHz obwohl seine Kapsel ja bekannt ist das sie smoothe aufnahmen erzielt und nicht sehr harsch klingt. Identifying those parameters from a single source recording can be difficult to impossible at times. That is C7 on the tube board, and C13 on the FET board. Not enough in my mind to justify the capsule swap for a typical low ender.Â, REVELATION 2 - Unless you intend to do the full mod in this article, a simple capsule/tube swap will probably yield minimal results for the average low ender. If someone finds a way to squeeze a film cap in this location, let me know and I'll update the info here.Â, For C3 i think a polystyrene would sound best, but I had trouble finding one of the right value. Look for high quality .wav files in the near future as well. For the set of four, I'm going to use Nichion.  At this point the modded V69 has about 20hrs of burn in on it, but the C12 has well over 100 I'll bet.  After a lot of work (by comparison, the C12 was an easier mod I think) , the mic does sound better but it isn't night and day drastic like the C12 mod. How are ratings calculated? Safety first! Â, J309 in place.  My assumption at first was that these were for radio frequencies. Certainly not what I was expecting, and not much difference from my initial caps only tests. $68.00.  I have ordered some J309's and will give swapping that out a try.  With tube mics it's also a good idea to avoid having the approximate 200V exposed as well. This allows me to move stuff around in the room and generally get what I'm looking for. The biasing resistors are, If you would like to try this - remove the old FET and replace with a J309.Â, The J309 pinout is different. You will need to flip the flat side to the other end and do some careful re-pathing of the leads. An analysis of these circuits reveals problems in both stages: noise, distortion, sonic clutter. The V69 is a tube microphone, but it ins't your typical capsule to tube to transformer model.

Jimmy Dean Sausage Patties Nutrition, Some Keys Not Working On Laptop Hp, Cubanelle Peppers Substitute, Kin Wah Menu Pdf, Duet On Wilcox Yelp, Salmon, Cottage Cheese Salad, Equatorial Mount Vs Altazimuth,

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