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how to improve singapore education system

No single thing in Singapore left me thinking: ‘We have to do that’. How has this been achieved? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. We’re also opening more pathways for students to find success in their own way. Educational Research for Policy and Practice, 7(1), pp.5-15. Education in Singapore: 2) The pressure on students It is more than filling a vessel with knowledge—it is to light a fire in our young people. Good teachers are the pillars of a good education system, which develops the citizens and workforce of the country. Education in Singapore: 6) “The best trained teachers in the world”. In Singapore, Pak Tee Ng explained: “we are systemic… the different parts come together.”  The government’s intentions are put into practice tightly and yet flexibly in what he calls ‘centralised decentralisation’ (2017): there is central direction and consensus around what is to be achieved, but schools are encouraged to find the best way to achieve these goals. Singapore’s Education … Although schools report to the MOE in Singapore, the ministry also encourages innovation and diversity in the schools, so in implementing policies, schools should understand the policy intention but decide how they would like to carry out the policy. Here are five ways to improve education in developing countries: 1. Education in Singapore: 3) Why do students like school? Consider all the control factors in planning change. Education in Singapore: 1) Making sense of Singapore’s priorities, Education in Singapore: 2) The pressure on students. For example, teaching is attractive, so entry to teaching is selective. The Ministry of Education (MOE) frequently transfers principals among schools. I don’t mean this by way of criticism: something amazing is happening. Image credit: Nicola Sap De Mitri. SINGAPORE - The education system is in the process of being "loosened up" to reduce stress on students, Education Minister Ong Ye Kung said on Wednesday (May 30).. Read more at Pre-school is offered from age three, in Singapore, with primary schooling from the age of around seven. for Holdsworth updates, learning resources and inspiration, Be the kind of leader who shares, not hoards. In many other parts of the world, the principal is often more clearly the head of a school, and less so a system leader. During the financial crisis of 2008-2009, many countries cut their education budgets, but Singapore did the opposite. Holdsworth: As someone who has helped train most of the principals in your education system, what is the most common challenge that Singapore principals face, and what advice do you offer? This is where (political and social) culture comes in to the mix. I’m particularly grateful to Oliver Caviglioli for his comments on a draft of the system diagram, and to the Singaporean teacher whose comments are included in the discussion of the system. This is what Singapore is constantly changing to become – an excellent system of schools for all, not a system with some excellent schools for a few (Ng, 2017, p.188).”, In this, Singapore has been successful – but a tightly aligned system incurs costs too. Required fields are marked *. Education in Singapore: 7) The secret of Singapore’s success. (How do you avoid it? Conversely, the report offers Singapore as an example of the “conscious pursuit of ‘coherence’ across control factors (Cambridge Assessment, 2017, p.30).”. ), Preparing for a second wave: a phased return (and blended learning), Improving teaching during – and after – lockdown – Part II: how to develop teachers remotely (Josh Goodrich), Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. In order to communicate effectively, leaders must learn to go from panic to control quickly. Ng: We’re moving our focus from quantity to quality, emphasizing higher order thinking and deeper engagement. Without a positive attitude, nothing can improve. When the going gets tough, the tough will have what it takes to get going! Education in Singapore: 8) Which policies can England borrow? And after years of pleas from parents and teachers, it seems that the Ministry of Education is finally giving in. It is relatively easy to find an excellent school somewhere in a system. The Holdsworth Center spoke with Ng about his philosophy and what American schools can take away from his country’s educational training and techniques. Education in Singapore: 5) Attracting, developing and keeping teachers, Education in Singapore: 6) ‘The best trained teachers in the world’, Step by step: breaking learning down using behavioural psychology, Do they understand this well enough to move on? SINGAPORE: Measures will be announced in the coming days to “significantly improve” the education system, said Education Minister Ong Ye Kung on Sunday (Feb 17). In 1966, Singapore’s Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew, said: “Just as a country is as good as its citizens, so its citizens are, really, only as good as their teachers.” As a result of this mindset, the teaching profession is lifted up as a respectable profession with competitive salaries and professional development opportunities. As Professor Ng puts it: “The way that Singapore has approached these changes matters even more than the changes themselves (2017, p.179).”  Dr Lim Lai Chang at Singapore Management University made the case even more strongly: “It doesn’t matter what your model is, just stick to one and do it well.”  Success is not a result of any one policy: “Every part of the system is integrated and interacts intensely together to develop and implement a coherent and sustainable action plan (Ng, 2017, p.188).”, Singapore’s approach can be interpreted through the ‘control factors’ described in a recent Cambridge Assessment report (2017). The National Institute of Education even shares a problem with many initial teacher training providers in England: mentors are too busy to attend training. In such a system, he said, “perhaps the needs and aspirations of the cogs in the system (such as me) are subordinate to its overall functions and imperatives.”  Too much is decided by line managers, he argued, and, as someone “quite literally at the very bottom of the food chain” he wished there were more opportunities for his “voice to be heard”, whether nationally or locally… “Are system coherence and individual voice mutually exclusive?”  The fear is that in “a system that prides itself of structures, flows, processes, the humans within this system really do end up being viewed as units of production. For example, trainee teachers’ final practicums (placements) are ten weeks long, include eight observations and three ‘focused conversations’ between mentors and trainees. Holdsworth: Why does Singapore invest so heavily in education? Holdsworth: In your opinion, how does a principal’s job in the US differ from a principal’s job in Singapore? Ng: I’d say dealing with different demands from different stakeholders. Is this cost worth it? Control factors need to cohere for a policy to work: a new approach to assessment will only succeed, for example, if it aligns with the curriculum, if teachers have the resources and professional development to apply it, and if exams and inspectors reward it. The issue of how the Singapore education system is too stressful, however, is one that is unlikely to be resolved easily. (We saw one example of this in the experimental curriculum design at Nanyang High School (more here)).

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