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how long does it take to learn french

For others it’s being able to hold a proficient conversation with a native speaker. B2 is a higher, intermediate skill level. Even though FSI classifies all the above languages as having the same difficulty score and the same average time of learning (575-600 hours) it only makes sense that Germanic based languages like Danish or Dutch to be generally easier to learn compared with any of the Romance languages like Italian or Romanian. First, let’s take into consideration that most people using Rype are not seeking traditional learning methods, and they’re evaluated in real-life scenarios, not a one-size-fits-all exam. However, we can at least look at a couple of possible answers. To stick with our sport analogies, most of us can become decent basketball players with hard work, persistence, and some athletic genes to help us out. For example, successful businesses didn’t start by focusing on how they can make $X in X years, but on strategies that will get them there faster. Let’s dive in. For example, someone who spends an hour a day will learn more than someone who commits to only an hour a week. This is an answer that you can only answer for yourself, but what we can tell you is that the duration of time will be vastly different. If you stick to this, in 90 days you will already know about 80% of the French language. Practice as much and efficiently as possible, and you will be able to learn basic French in less than a year. Step 1: Get your Footing and Set Goals. With that said, we’ve seen our students go from zero to conversational fluency in as little as two months, and students that reached advanced level proficiency from intermediate in half a year. The ACTFL classifies popular languages into two categories: According to their guidelines, they estimate that to reach mid-advanced level, it will take 480 hours of professional curriculum for Group I languages, and 1,320 hours for Group IV languages. Approximately 3 years to … Now this doesn’t mean you have to pack your belongings and move to a foreign country. … What’s more important is, even the official sources can’t answer that for you without a biased opinion. Your age:  The age in which a person starts speaking French can impact how fluent they become and how long it takes them to learn French. There’s numerous factors that must be considered in order to get a better estimate on the duration of learning any language. But playing in the NBA is a completely different ball game that even the best players won’t achieve. They’re also assuming that using ‘one-size-fits-all’ textbook curriculums in a group setting are the best ways to learn a language, instead of speaking and learning 1-on-1 with a native speaker. What’s the official answer to “how long does it take to learn French?” There’s a couple of answers provided by different institutions. As an example, they share that to reach the B2 level in English (mid-level), it will require 500 to 600 hours of classroom/teacher time. You’re still reading… which means you’re confident and ready to learn French independently. There are five different levels of French fluency: To learn how to speak conversational French from the comfort of your own home, enroll in this course here. While some are confident that it’s 480 hours, others state that it’s 2,200 hours. Your results will only follow the actions that you take and put into practice. To jump start your French-speaking journey, enroll in this course taught by a French teacher that will help you with everything you need to know about the French language. Or perhaps you're trying to impress your date when you take them to a French …, Who says learning French needs to be complicated? Another factor to consider is whether you’ve previously learned how to speak French already. According to the Alliance Française, it takes between 560 and 650 hours of lessons to reach a B2 level in French. However, this estimate doesn’t take into account many of the possible variables. You can study all the different ways to become the best public speaker, but all of that goes out the door when you’re in front of a thousand person crowd. What most English speakers miss when they first start to learn French is …, News collects all the stories you want to read, study by the US Department of State’s Foreign Service Institute, 8 Top French Apps to Learn French For Busy People On-The-Go, How to Order Food in French at Restaurants Like a Native Speaker, Top 5 Easiest Ways to Learn French For English Speakers, Group I: Spanish, French, Portuguese, among others, Group IV: Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Step 3:  Learn the structure of the language of how the parts of speech work with each other. If you already happen to know how to speak Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian, you’re in luck. Besides, there’s no better person to address how long it will take for you to learn how to speak French than you. Conversational French 1: Master Spoken French for Beginners, 3 Minute French - Course 1 | Language lessons for beginners, 3 Minute French - Course 2 | Language lessons for beginners, Complete French Course: Learn French for Beginners Level 1, Sound Like a Native - French Pronunciation Full Course (HD), 3 Minute French - Course 3 | Language lessons for beginners, The French Subjunctive - Full Course - Intermediate Level, My French Adventure : French Language Course for Children, Practice and Perfect your French - Intermediate Level (HD), Français Intensif - Intensive French Course for Beginners. Great! Once you’ve found a teacher or language partner to practice with, you can boost your memory with mnemonics and other repetition techniques. If you want to be a great reader of a foreign language, reading textbooks should be your priority. Check out Benny Lewis’s post on Spaced Repetition Memory, and take advantage of tools like Memrise to help you memorize French words and phrases. Between 5-6.25 years to reach an intermediate French level. To jump start your French-speaking journey, enroll in this coursetaught by a French teacher that will help you with everything you need to know about the French language. When choosing to learn a second language, one of the initial concerns many people have is how long it will actually take to pick up the language. Instead of practicing a language weekly, practicing every day will great decrease the amount of time it will take for you to pick up the language. They can also easily construct sentences and use different tenses, such as past, present, and future in the speaking. Bonjour! Instead of asking ‘how long does it take to learn French’, we should focus on doing the work, and the results will follow. Decide whether or not you want to learn French online, To jump start your French-speaking journey, enroll in this course, How to Become a Project Manager: A Step-by-Step Guide. However, to get a better idea of the time it can take someone to learn French; you can consult a French fluency scale. That is not an easy question. Rype was designed to help busy people speak a new language with fully vetted teachers, anywhere, anytime. However, if you plan to achieve an advanced level by studying and practicing french for multiple hours a day, over the course of three months, that might actually be doable. I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that French fluency can be achieved in 3 months (without immersion) because if you have these sort of expectations with your language learning endeavors, you’ll become discouraged when it takes longer. While there’s no specific answer to address that question, we can provide frameworks to help you arrive at your own answer. Get a subscription to a library of online courses and digital learning tools for your organization with Udemy for Business. So if your question is: how long does it take to learn French; we are going to go over some estimates and show you how you can learn French fast in just 5 simple steps. Step 2:  Aim to learn and memorize at least 30 words and phrases each day. These will help imprint words and phrases into your head for easier memorization.

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