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cypress timber melbourne

Our premium hardwoods and timber products are second to none – let us help you create something breathtaking. Incredibly strong and durable, many are unsure whether cypress or traditional hardwood timber is best suited to their project – our experienced team can walk you through the benefits and drawbacks of each timber so you can make an informed decision. With a very high durability rating, the timber will withstand high traffic and wear. It readily accepts most coatings – including stains, paints and oils – so you can be confident the timber will complement its environment with ease. Cupressus macropcarpa (also known as Monterey cypress or golden cypress), was extensively planted throughout south eastern Australia over the last 150 years and used as wind-breaks. 600), Gap between boards in millimetres (eg. From American Oak to Ironbark, our range is second to none, earning our reputation as the region’s leading timber merchant. How do I know if cypress is suited to my application? Cypress is the perfect structural timber for external use. Timber Flooring Cypress. We are the biggest retail supplier of structural cypress and posts in Melbourne. - Melbourne’s largest range of posts in stock - Feature posts are used for fencing, construction, decks, pergolas and outdoor structures, features and bollards - Redgum is a class 2 timber with a lifespan of 25+ years - Cypress is a class 1 timber with a lifespan of 40+ years. As a proudly Australian owned and operated cypress post supplier, we offer cypress pine posts in both a dressed and a sawn finish, with something to suit your unique requirements. Not only that, this timber is naturally resistant to termites and can be machined and turned to a smooth finish – making it durable, attractive, and easy to work with! Cypress wood is the quintessential Australian softwood. They are all small businesses owned and run by locals. With an attractive finish, it offers an attractive finish when used for exposed faces. Because it is harvested locally and the timber comes directly to us, it reduces carbon emissions associated with transport. Buy Cypress Pine Posts Online. Yes! 450), Coverage of deck board in millimetres (eg. Australian Hardwood & Cypress Pine - General information. Fact Sheet Cypress Decking 120x31mm Cyperdeck (Random Lengths per metre) $ 8.50 per lineal metre Well done Everist Timber!!! Has your cypress been sustainably sourced? Cypress F7. Golden Cypress macrocarpa sustainable timber - Golden Cypress Rescued Timber We rescue old, sick, dangerous and redundant farm trees from being landfill or burnt and process the salvaged timber into Australia’s most sustainable timber products. Why choose GOLDEN CYPRESS ®? . 2168 Frankston-Flinders Rd, Hastings VIC 3915, Though cypress is a softwood, it is still hard and durable, making it an ideal choice for outdoor applications as well as indoor use. Place your order now to grab your cypress posts today. We will continue to do business with you. Sizes Available to Order 75 x … Our Cypress decking comes pre-oiled with a water-based coating, whilst our solid Cypress Pine flooring profile is reversible for use as V-joint cladding. 75), Noggin-Batten Spacing in millimetres (eg. 5), Please note that this tool is to be used as a. We supply an extensive range of premium products at competitive prices – speak with our team to learn how we can meet your needs. Cypress timber is a sturdy Australian softwood species which is suitable for both interior and exterior applications. 100), Cap board Coverage in millimetres (eg. Wilson Timbers supply a high quality and large range of Cypress to suit your project Cypress is an unseasoned pine framing timber, which has a natural resistance to termites with high durability. Found throughout Victoria, western New South Wales and central western Queensland, Cypress timber is a durable Australian softwood species that is well suited to a range of interior and exterior applications.

Rotel No Salt Added Nutrition Facts, Python Project For Class 12 On Library Management, Deity S-mic 2 Used, Hungarian Gifts For Her, In The Year 2020 Song Lyrics, How To Get Rid Of Cyclamen Mites On African Violets,

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